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Blackout A young adult mystery, fourth in the Revenger series.

What happens when a girl gets drunk and helpless at a party? Kelsey Fritz finds out the hard way, thanks to football hero Evan Steffers. Kelsey’s friends rescue her from suicide, and then they themselves are in deadly trouble. Maddie, who used to date Evan, knew he was bad news. She got away from him once, but how can she save herself this time?

Under Cover A young adult mystery.

A senseless murder. A teenager accused. The body was found in his car. Liam insists he’s innocent. Of course. They all do. Cree wants nothing to do with any of it. Her mind is on Ben Canfield, the love of her life, who seems to be drifting away. Then she overhears a gang threatening Liam. He might really be innocent.

Its predecessor is The Long Sleep

Hoping to make friends at her new school, Maddie joins the newspaper staff. Its charismatic editor, Hank Dalbeck, plans a controversial series on the right to die. This causes so much discussion at their weekly meeting that Hank misses his bus home and accepts a ride with Maddie. Before they can leave the parking lot, someone fires a shot through the windshield.

First in the series is Twenty Minutes Late

Cree arrives late for her babysitting job to find the mother gone, the older child in a daze, and the baby missing without a trace. The police, the neighborhood searchers, even the FBI can find no clues.

Also, Murder and Mayhem in the Catskills. The dark side of Catskill history.

This book tells the story of Murder, Inc., that deadliest arm of organized crime that left bodies scattered through mountains and lakes. It tells of murders and attempted murders from early Colonial days to the present time. Of domestic murders and weird ones fueled by superstition. Of a wife missing for three years and where she was eventually found. Of a night intruder and his juvenile victim who left a trail of blood across a field.

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Summer girl cover

A young family is threatened by their jealous teenage baby-sitter and her abnormal cravings.

". . . precipitous actions . . . suspenseful scenes. . ."
Publishers Weekly

Girls Missing cover

Happy at last in her new marriage, Joyce stands to lose it all when a serial killer ravages their quiet suburban town.

"This novel will keep you mesmerized up to the last gripping moment."
—Doubleday Book Club

"Accelerating horror!"
—Kirkus Reviews

"A chilling, breathstopping, white-knuckler!"
—Nashville Banner

Wife Found

All Lyn knows is that someone wants her dead. To save herself, she must push aside the clouds that hide her past.

"Entrancing, engrossing, scary . . . rising tension . . . suspense until the last page."
Publishers Weekly


She agreed to tell fortunes at a charity event. It was all in fun. Why do so many people believe her and why are her predictions coming true?

". . . fast, escalating suspense . . ."
Publishers Weekly

Third Passenger

He only wanted to hitch a ride on a private plane. Now all their lives are in danger in the snowbound Adirondacks.

Trick Treat

A child dies from poisoned Halloween candy. Her father wants five minutes alone with the killer. Is it one of their neighbors, or someone even closer?

Woman Vanishes

Turned down by the bank, Jarvis borrows from a loan shark to keep his business alive. Now his whole family may die.

Something Evil

Libby can’t keep a secret from her husband. He’s a professional psychic. But can he help her when her life is in danger? Will he help?

Someone at

The last words she heard from her sister Gwen were, “Someone’s at the door.” Now Gwen is dead and her just-born baby has been kidnapped.

Coast of Fear

Vacationing on the French Riviera, Jessica becomes the target of international terrorists.

". . . compelling story with a fantastic climax . . . never a dull moment . . ."
Sunday Magazine

"Romance and suspense . . . fine and sharp!"
Savannah News


A pleasant outing leads to terror when Kate and her children are taken prisoner by a pair of desperate fugitives.

". . . intrinsic suspense . . . a dangerous thug with an itchy trigger finger . . ."
Kirkus Reviews


A beautiful model and her two young children are being stalked. He’s obsessed, he’s dangerous, and there’s no escaping him.

". . . gripping and unrelenting . . . worth the price of admission to the chamber of terror."

People Next

A beach house, a baby, and a rebellious stepdaughter—not to mention those strange, tragic neighbors—can only add up to disaster.

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